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Believe It Or Not, We Have Seen Some DJ's Using Home Stereo Equipment To
DJ a Wedding Or Party. That's Not Good!
The Main Reason Is, That Type Of Equipment
Just Can't Take The Abuse Like The Professional Stuff Can,
And Eventually They Will Have Serious Problems.

All Of Our Audio Equipment Is Professional And Very Reliable.
You Won't Have To Worry About Our Amps Overheating Or
Our Speakers Cutting Out!

The Following Equipment Is Used For Our Wedding System Set-ups
Or Is Also Used For Back-Up Equipment.

QSC K10 Powered 2 Way Speaker
1000 Watts Class D Amplified Power
2000 Watts Of Peak Power

2 Of These Are Used For Our Main
Wedding & Big Party System.
They Will Fill Any Big Hall With Sound!


QSC KW181 Powered Sub woofer
1000 Watts 18" Class D Amplified Power
2000 Watts Of Peak Power
1 of These Is Used For Our Main
Wedding And Big Party Systems.
This Speaker Puts Out Amazing Bass!

Pioneer DJM-600 Professional DJ Mixer
4 Channel With Beat/Effects Sampler
This Mixer Does A Great Job!

We Use A Professional DJ Software With All Our Systems Called Virtual DJ.
This Allows Us To Select And Mix All The Music For Your Event. We Can Find And Play Any Song In A Matter Of Seconds.

We Use a State Of The Art Computer System and we play High Quality Mp3 Files Which Are Loaded On External Hard Drives. This System Also Allows Us To Prepare The Main Music That You Want For Your Event ahead of Time, Which Makes Us More Prepared At Your Event.
We Always Have Back-Up Computers & Back-Up Hard Drives With us in Case Of Emergencies.

Shure BLX4 UHF Single Channel Receiver
With PG58 Wireless Microphone
For Toasts, Speeches & Back-up Mic

Audio Technica Performer Series
PR325 Vocal Microphone
This Is Our Main Wired Microphone

AKG D5 Vocal Wired Microphone
This Is Our Back-Up Wired Microphone

The Following Equipment Is Used For Small Parties
Or Karaoke Events and Can Also Be Used As A
Wedding Ceremony Set-up!

Fender Passport 500Pro Sound System
500 Watts built-in amplified Power
8 Channel Mixer
This Can ROCK Any Small Hall Or CLub

Alto Professional True Sonic TSSub Sub Woofer
15" Powered 600 Watts Continuous
1200 Watts Peak Power
Mainly Used With Our Fender Passport System
Tremendous Bass For Your Smaller Events


Shure BLX288/PG88 Dual Channel
UHF Wireless Mic System
Has Internal Antenna Diversity
Used Mainly For Karaoke Events

Rolls RM82 8 Channel Mic/Line Mixer
Gives Us Additional Mic/Line Inputs For Larger Events.

Emerson GQ100 Karaoke Disc Player
We Can Play The Die Hard Karaoke
Guests Discs For Them If Needed!
Plays CD+G/MP3+G/MP3/CD/JPG Discs
And Files


Karma Karaoke Software.
We Use A Professional Karaoke Software
& Computer To Play All Of Our Karaoke Songs!
We Have Over 150,000 Karaoke Songs For You Too Choose From!
We Get New Karaoke Songs Every Month!

The Following Equipment Is A Complete System,
Mainly Back-Up Equipment,
But It Can Be Used To Do Events As Well!

American Pro Audio APX-152 Un-Powered Speakers
15 Inch Professional 2-Way Speaker
300 Watts Power Handling 900 Watts Peak Power
We Use These Mainly For Back-Up Speakers
But These Can Also Be Used To Do Events!

Electro Voice Force i
Un-Powered Sub woofer Speaker
18" Cast Frame Driver
800 Watts Program  1,400 Watts Peak
This Pumps Out Our Bass Very Well And
Is Mainly Used For A Back-up Sub-Swoofer.

QSC Audio RMX1450
Professional Amplifier
800 Watts Bridged/Mono Mode
Powers Our EV Force i Sub Woofer


QSC Audio RMX 1450 Pro Amp
280 Watts Per Channel/Stereo Mode
Powers Our American Audio APX-152
Satellite Speakers Pictured Above.

Rane 2-Way Active Stereo Crossover
This Unit Sends The Mids & Highs Signals To The Satellite Speakers and Sends The Low Bass Signals To The Sub Woofer Speaker.
Mainly Used With Our American Dj Speakers
And QSC Amp System.

Gemini PMX-300 4 Channel Stereo Mixer
Pre-Amp and Equalizer Built In
Our Original Mixer!
Can Be Used With Our American DJ/QSC Amp System
Or Our Yahmaha/Crown Amp System

The Following Equipment Is Our Original System And
They Still Work Great! They Are Lower Powered Speakers
And Amp, But Can Be Used For Smaller Events!

Yahmaha Club Series II 2-Way Speakers
Un-Powered 200 Watts Program 400 Watts Peak
Our Original First Set Of Purchased Speakers
Used As Back Up Speakers

Crown Power Base 1 Amplifier
210 Watts Stereo Mode Into 8 Ohms
Back-Up Amplifier


Shure T4V VHF Diversity Wireless Receiver
With SM58 Vocal Wireless Microphone
This Is An Extra Wireless Mic That Can
Be Used With Any Of Our Systems!

American Pro Audio
DCD-Pro 200 Dual CD Player
We Rarely Use These, But
Can Be Used If Needed.


 Numark CDN12
Single CD Player
Rarely Used, But Can
Be Used If Needed.








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