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Current DJs


Steve Moore is the owner/Disc Jockey/ Karaoke Host of Mobile Music Unlimited and is from Warren,  Michigan. He grew up in a family of musicians and singers. Besides being a DJ, he is also a musician and has played trumpet since he was 12 years old. He currently plays in 2 community bands and performs in various concerts throughout the year. He has always had a love for music of all kinds and in 1990, he decided to start a disc jockey business along with his brother, Jeff. Steve is the main voice behind the mic at all the Mobile Music Unlimited functions and he loves entertaining the guests at every event he performs at! Some of his favorite pastimes include playing his Trumpet, fishing, singing karaoke, sketching, attending concerts and tinkering with his model trains.


 Joshua Norris is our main lighting man and Disc Jockey. If you recognize the last name, it's because he is Nathans brother, (One of our former Disc Jockeys). Josh is married and has a wonderful family! He does an outstanding  job with the lighting and isn't afraid to jump out on the dance floor at any given moment! Josh was a former back-up lighting man and disc jockey and now works with us full time. It is awesome to have him as our main lighting man now!



Mike England is one of our back-up lighting men and is also Steve Moore's nephew! He has been with us since the Fall of 2008 and has shown his excellent ability at running the lights and entertaining. Mike has played the drums since he was 11, but also enjoys playing the piano and guitar as well as mixing songs together on his computer. Music is one of the most important things in his life, in fact, by the end of his senior year in high school, he had 3 music classes per day! Mike also enjoys doing regular maintenance on his car and helping friends do upgrades and modifications on their cars as well. He participates in online discussion groups regarding automotive modifications quite often.



Former DJs

 Steven Kanne was with our company for 9 years. 
He was our main Lighting Man and his alter egos were Jake Blues and Austin Powers! Steve always did an excellent job with the lights and his antics will be missed! Steve lives in Fraser, Mi. and has a wife and 1 daughter.
It was a pleasure to work with Steve and it's possible that you may see him at some  future weddings and parties!


Nathan Norris left us for the BIG state of California awhile back.
His stay with us was short, but he leaves behind some fond memories of working together as Mobile Music Unlimited Jocks. Nathan not only was able to step right into the position as our main lighting guru, he also created our famous "Chumbawamba Dance". In case you didn't know, Nathan is originally from Auburn Hills, Mi. and owns his own business in California.
It was a pleasure to work with him and we hope to have him back as a guest DJ sometime!



 Jeff England is a former Disc Jockey and was part owner of Mobile Music Unlimited. He is also Steve's brother & currently resides in Grand Rapids, Mi. along with his wife & 3 children. Jeff made a major contribution in getting Mobile Music Unlimited to what it is today and was the main lighting man at the start of our business. Jeff unfortunately left the business, but he still shows up sometimes as a guest Dj!  He is no stranger to the music industry! Some of his many talents include singing, acting, dancing, recording, radio studio production, and he is also a musician (Saxophonist, Percussionist, Guitarist) just to name a few!  Jeff also originated the name of our well known dance The Chicken Blister.

From the introduction of the bride & groom
to the last song of the night,
our DJs will perform their job in a
professional manner and with enthusiasm.


Our DJ's Dress in tuxedo/suit attire for Weddings and Dress Appropriately
For All Other Types Of Events They Perform At.

Our DJ's Will Arrive At Your Event 1 1/2 Hours Before Your Guests
To Set-up the System and Will Be Ready To Start On Time.

Our DJ's will generally emcee the following items for your event,
and work closely with your hall staff, photographers, & videographers,
to make sure everything runs smoothly.

For Wedding Receptions, They Will Emcee The Following

Welcome The Guests

Grand Entrance

Receiving Line

Introduce and provide cordless microphone for Toasts & Blessing

Meal directions

Cake Cutting

Bride & Groom Dance

Bridal Party Dance

Parents Dances

Garter & Bouquet Tosses

Dollar Dance

Family & Ethnic Traditions, Anniversaries, Birthday Announcements


Participation Dances

For Parties Or Other Events, The Will Emcee The Following

Welcome The Guests

Introduce and provide cordless microphone to distinguished guests

Meal directions

Games-Trivia & Other Special events


Participation Dances

Raffles & Prizes




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